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ZMT 640PVR Software (1.2.2)
ZMT 640PVR Software (1.2.4)
To install this:
You place the file on a USB Stick.
Select Menu.. System.. Information and then press red button
Choose the file
wait... done..
a Factory Reset/Reboot may be needed after this (recordings will not be deleted)


ZMT 630 Software (1.2.1)


ZMT 620 Software (1.2.1) Note: If upgrading from above Version 1.0.7 use this file
ZMT 620 Software (1.0.7) Note: If upgrading from under Version 1.0.7 upgrade to this file first then upgrade to 1.2.1 Above


ZMT 620HD Manual
ZMT 620 Quick Setup Guide

GPL Source

ZMT 620HD/640PVR GPL Source Code

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