Information Regarding Brendan Battles

Brendan Battles has been spamming me for years and in 2006 he came in New Zealand and started to continue spamming me. This is the history of Mr Battles from when he came to New Zealand. (and before and after).

I have spoken to him on the phone in the past and from when I took out of it he was going to change but from his actions in NZ I don't believe he is.

I have many domain names and I get many spams from various places and the ones ( which I can identify are from him/his company) mostly go to email addresses which have not given any permissions to send emails to them.

Spamhaus Listing for Brendan Battles

2014-03-26 - Brendan Battles spams me (again) even after being fined by the NZ Government
2014-02-21 - Fine Imposed on IMG of Auckland for Sending Spam
2014-02-13 - Marketing firm fined for spamming
2013-08-15 - Why not to buy spam lists from IMG (Brendan Battles)
2012-01-12 - More spam..Trying to sell his spam mailing lists
2012-01-03 - And Again
2011-12-29 - Brendan Spams me again (new domain - link to wine.. but there is no wine??)
2011-12-28 - More Spam (new domain
2011-12-23 - Brendan Spams me again (new domain
2011-12-18 - The scourge of spam
2011-11-14 - Brendan Spams me again trying to get me to advertise with him
2011-11-13 - Brendan Spams me __again_ (I got about 20 of them to various email addresses)_
2011-04-07 - OMG - Brendan Battles AGAIN!!
2011-09-15 -
2011-02-17 -
2009-12-15 - Brendan Battles spamming again
2009-12-14 -
2009-04-01 -
2009-03-11 - 'Spam King' resurfaces, linked with SMS campaign
2007-09-04 - Image Marketing Group Limited Registered as company in New Zealand
2006-07-10 -
2006-03-18 -
2006-03-17 - Blames me for loosing his job - I complained about his spam to Compass
2006-03-13 -
2006-03-03 - I get spam from Mr Battles advertising Compass
2005-09-30 - Brendan Battles Removed from Spamhaus (Not for long)

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