I have been using mobile advertising for a while and this webpage will compare various mobile advertising which I have used.
All Values are relative to Google Adsense thus not actually giving figures.
The Higher the Rating, the better it is. For example a rating of 0.25 compared to 1.00 you would need 4 times as many visitors to get the same amount of money.
The figures may not be the same for everyone but I expect it to be similar.

AdvertiserCPM (Relative)Fillrate (Relative)CTR (Fill Relative/Total Relative)Rating
Google Adsense1.001.001.00/1.001.00
Admob (http://www.admob.com)0.500.900.55/0.500.25
LeadBolt (http://www.leadbolt.com)
Mobfox (http://www.mobfox.com)
InMobi (http://www.inmobi.com)
Mobgold (http://www.mobgold.com)0.330.150.03/0.020.01
Microsoft Mobile Advertising
Aditic (http://www.aditic.com)
Smaato (http://www.smaato.com)
Jumptap (http://www.jumptap.com)
Mellennial Media (http://www.millennialmedia.com)
Mojiva (http://www.mojiva.com)

Medialets (http://www.medialets.com)
Adfonic (http://www.adfonic.com/)

Native Only:
Mobclix (http://www.mobclix.com)